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GOOD 2023!

17th November 2023


Dear Parents and Carers,


I have now received the final report following the OFSTED Inspection at Park Hill Primary School on 10th and 11th October. The report has been checked for accuracy and we are able to share this with you.

The report is attached for your perusal.


The main news is that Park Hill continues to be judged as a good school.  It has been judged good over a significant period of time now, over several inspections, which should be reassuring to you as parents and carers.


The report is fairly brief considering all that goes on at the school and the intenseness of the inspection process. The report does not delve into detail but the inspector has provided this, which is shared with senior leaders and school governors. Rest assured that we’ve been left with areas to think harder around and encouraged to explore how the school might achieve more characteristics of being outstanding (I prefer the word exceptional)!


It is normal to have some next steps - these are highlighted within the report and will be the basis for future development at the school.


Personally, the inspection was an intense and challenging experience (speaking on behalf of other staff too) but you would expect it to be thorough and have rigour. At the same time, it was also rewarding and thought-provoking and has left me pondering on the exciting times that are ahead for the school.


I received the final report on Tuesday 14th November and asked to share with parents within 5 days of receiving this. By the end of next week, Friday 24th November, it will be published by OFSTED.


I have been Headteacher at Park Hill for almost 8 years and this is the second inspection at the school over this period. I am delighted for the parents and children at the school, for the staff and governors too. The endorsement of being a good school is the best news and I am looking forward to leading the school through its next period of development.


Wishing you all the best weekend. See you all on Monday.


Kind regards, 


Mr Griffin 

Head Teacher
Park Hill Primary School 






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