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Park Hill Primary School

Park Hill Primary School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

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Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum 

Park Hill’s Curriculum VISION 



A curriculum that encourages CURIOSITY, RISK and builds RESILIENCE


A Park Hill child will experience a curriculum that is creative, engaging and challenging. We want Park Hill learners to face challenge and learn the skills to become a resilient learner. Our curriculum is based on a sense of awe and wonder across all subjects, where experiences leave a lasting mark. A curriculum where children are curious, willing to make mistakes and demonstrate resilience.  

We want Park Hill children to experience a curriculum that moves, inspires and motivates them to want to learn more. We want Park Hill children to be curious and make connections throughout their learning. In all subjects Park Hill’s curriculum encourages children to take risks, adapting to challenges with their learning. We encourage our children to see making errors as a positive part of their learning, pushing them to remain resilient to reach ambitious goals.   



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Our subject vision statements

Subject Vision Statements

Enhancing our curriculum


Our vision is to give Park Hill children as many experiences as possible linked to their learning. 


At Park Hill we aim to give our children as many experiences as possible to enhance the curriculum. We ensure that throughout their time at Park Hill children are involved in a variety of experiences both on site and off site. Each year group have carefully considered the trips and experiences that enhance the curriculum for their year group; subject leaders also ensure that children experiences trips that add value across a range of subjects, for example, Science, Religious Studies and Humanities. 


Below you can see our Trips and Experiences map

Park Hill Trips and Experiences